These are the vacancies that we know we would like to fill. In case you think there are more we should consider, and you are just the perfect fit anyway, let us know directly via [email protected]!

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Affiliated Research Scientist

We are looking for passionate people who are familiar to the "programmer's high": that fantastic sense of accomplishment when with your original ideas you (yet again) improved upon the performance of the solution that you've been working on tirelessly. Now, imagine how awesome could it be to work on challanging problems with like-minded individuals?
The problems that we are/were working on as a consultancy are spanning from computer vision (both deep learning and classical), to custom algorithm design, compression and many more. Our customers are exclusively international, and we aim to deliver them state of the art custom IP solutions. It is not possible to stress it enough that in this job you would be required to work on R&D core technologies alone.
In you, we are looking for passion, great cognitive capacity and a nice, approachable attitude, as we are working on every single project in a collaborative fashion.
The skills listed below are there to give an indication of the direction, but we are more interested in cognitive skills than past experience, as we are ready to invest in the development of our talents long term. Long story short, don't worry if you don't (yet) check all the boxes, almost nobody does, but joining our team, eventually you will!
Our long term vision for the "R&D Software Engineer" role is to have people who are capable of contributing to projects on a wide range of the Technology Readiness Scale, from inception of basic concepts to deployable, efficient implementation.

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What we appreciate:

- at least BSc level STEM degree (doesn't have to be Computer Science)
- hands on experience on some deep learning problem
- familiarity with "old-school" computer vision and signal processing techniques
- familiarity with HW architectures, including modern CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs
- hands on experience with fast prototyping in Python e.g. TensorFlow, Pytorch, Numpy, sklearn etc.
- GPU programming skills e.g. CUDA, OpenCL

What we require:

- comprehensive knowledge of algorithms and data structures
- competitive programming skills for solving algorithmic problems in C/C++ (knowing all the latest syntax sugars of C++17 is *not* needed)

Candidates of all seniority levels may apply, but the entry requirements vary accordingly. [email protected]