Founder & CEO

Programming since the age of 14, still passionate about performance almost 20 years later. Co-inventor of more than 10 patent applications and contributor to at least 2 standards. Thanks to his journey via the topics of 3D graphics, physical simulation, GPU programming, image&video compression and deep learning he builds on a wide basis of knowledge when architecting custom algorithmic solutions. Additionally to his technical prowess, also experienced throughout the entire R&D pipeline from management perspective too, involving business development, product ownership, IP capture and standardization. After his tenures as a contributor to Broadcom's own GPU IP in Cambridge as well as a Head of Advanced R&D at V-Nova in London he landed on his feet as freelancer, and currently works on bringing back home the most difficult technical challenges to his TechnoLynx team in Budapest.

His work is his hobby, but would definitely love to hike more. Interested in economics and history too. An amateur novelist, although not a great one at that. Better at twisting the bedside tales with dark humour than telling them to his son proper. Allegedly has some cats.




Affiliated Research Scientist

"Exploring the unknown, reaching what is beyond the limits, creating a better world - in all sense by all means" Former CERN physicist and R&D Leader at AIMotive is a great source of inspiration to us all, whether we are tapping on his experience in modeling complex problems or particularly his views on state-of-the-art AI techniques.



Affiliated HR & CSR Expert

Former HR Specialist at Richter Gedeon Plc Veronika brings on board vast experience both with regards to recruitment and retantion. Despite using a number of recruitment channels, her direct approach is still our most effective way of finding high quality talent for our company. Moving forward she is also helping us with her expertise on the fields of CSR, employer branding and social communication.




R&D Software Engineer

Levente is originally an electrical engineer with a BSc degree but he also holds a co-operative MSc in autonomous systems from ELTE and the Aalto University in Finland, where he was also working as a teaching assistant as part of the EIT Digital Masters School. He previously worked for Knorr-Bremse and at SZTAKI, working on change detection problems, which was also the topic of his thesis. He also gained hands on experience with deep learning topics like anomaly detection, auto-encoders and classifiers.

Amateur footballer, made it to National League 3 previously, almost certainly scored more goals than the rest of our team combined. Health insurance hazard.



R&D Software Engineer

Máté has a Computer Scientist BSc from ELTE. Previously he was working for companies like Nokia, Lufthansa and EPAM, after which he went back to earn a MSc at BME this time, where his focus was domain transfer with deep learning. His primary interest at the moment is machine learning, but from his previous jobs he brought on board considerable practical experience ranging C++ to containerized micro-service architectures. He learned things about high-scale industrial application, before joining TechnoLynx to have fun.

He likes reading, swimming, hiking and playing football. Also learned the hard way that biking to the office may not be the best idea after all. Behind the facet of a shy, introverted person, sparkles of witty remarks to be found, beware!




Executive Assistant

Fanni has a diverse background given additionally to her Graphic Design diploma from Cambridge she is also a healthcare assistant and a pre-school teacher assistant. We rely on her transferable skills to offer the company a much needed backbone and grow together professionally with TechnoLynx along the increasing pressure on business administration, HR and pre-sales.

She is a geek on her own right, her favourite PC games are probably the Witcher and Dishonored series, trailing only Zelda. Could not look at the old logo anymore, designed the new one. Definitely has some cats.