Computer Vision

Our software R&D consultancy has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, specialising in the application of computer vision systems. We believe that computer vision work has the potential to transform many industries, and we are dedicated to creating accurate and efficient models that can detect and analyse visual data using machine learning methods, such as deep learning. Our expertise enables computers to provide customised solutions tailored to our client’s needs, whether automating a process or developing a new product. From concept development to product delivery, our team of skilled engineers applies convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and other computer vision algorithms to ensure top-quality, scalable, and reliable work.


Vision into your business. We can develop custom generative AI models for you, tailored for your specific use case, enabling you to gain the upper hand and build a competitive advantage over those who can only rely on readily available AI models and open-source data augmentation pipelines.

Amongst others, we are knowledgeable in the following fields:

  • object detection and recognition
  • multi-view object tracking
  • motion estimation via optical flow
  • gesture recognition
  • anomaly detection
  • image generation
  • image processing
  • image segmentation
  • face recognition

We use PyTorch and TensorFlow, widely used deep learning frameworks for developing and training neural networks, to solve computer vision problems. Additionally, we utilise OpenCV, a popular computer vision library, for various tasks such as image and video processing, feature detection, and object tracking. Combining these tools and technologies allows us to develop and deploy high-performance computer vision applications to analyse and make real-time decisions based on digital images.

Applications, Case Studies, Articles

To validate or review our previous works in this field, feel free to check our recent projects:

Read more about fraud detector audits.

Read more about AI-generated dental simulation.


Our hard work has been reflected in the excellent reviews we have received from our clients on multiple platforms as well as in being chosen the “Software Consultancy of the Year” by the Corporate Live Wire Awards/Magazine.

„They showed enormous skill and vast domain knowledge. We would recommend TechnoLynx to anyone looking for promptness, quality work and IT expertise.“

Markus Kopf - CTO, Co-Founder @ Teraki

Industries & Applications

Our AI Computer Vision services can be applied to a wide range of industries or applications. Some computer vision examples can be:


Automating quality control, defect detection, and assembly line optimisation. Read more about Computer Vision in Manufacturing!

Architecture and Construction

Delivering solutions for tasks such as detecting structural defects and automating the construction process.


Automating document processing and fraud detection.

Smart Retail

Improving supply chain management and optimising in-store layouts.


Detecting crop diseases and monitoring crop health. Read more about Top 9 AI Technologies Reshaping Agriculture in 2024!


Quality control and inspection of aircraft components. Read more about Propelling Aviation to New Heights with AI!

Autonomous Vehicles

Computer vision can be used in autonomous vehicles for object detection, lane detection, and pedestrian detection. Read more about AI for Autonomous Vehicles Redifining Transportation!

Technical Excellence

Founded in 2019 by Balázs Keszthelyi, co-inventor of more than a dozen patents and contributor to two international standards, we know how to beat the state-of-the-art.

Balázs’ passion for high quality and superior performance sets a high bar, generating value for our clients and growth for our employees.

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