Generative AI

As an innovative software R&D consultancy, part of our expertise lies in artificial intelligence, with a specific focus on AI Generative Modeling. At our core, we recognise that AI Generative Modeling has the potential to transform how businesses operate. We believe our knowledge pool and years of experience in this field will assist you in creating models that generate new and innovative ideas, solve complex problems, and even develop new products, such as oil painting.

Gen AI @ TechnoLynx

Whether you aim to enhance existing products or pioneer something entirely novel, our team is poised to support you. We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their needs and devise customised solutions tailored to their specific requirements, including creating an image and utilising text prompts.

Our skilled engineers oversee everything from initial concept development to final product delivery, ensuring high quality images. We employ the latest tools and techniques to ensure our work is reliable, scalable, and effective for our clients' needs. Emphasising transparency and collaboration, we keep our clients engaged throughout the process according to their preferences.


Let’s explore some advantages you can gain from implementing Generative AI Models into your business. Firstly, we can develop custom generative AI models for you, tailored for your specific use case, enabling you to gain a competitive advantage over those who rely solely on readily available AI-as-a-service solutions. Secondly, our team is highly knowledgeable about various popular generative designs and their relevant techniques, including:

  • (variational and regularised) auto-encoders,
  • generative adversarial models (GANs),
  • transformer models (e.g. GPTs),
  • diffuse models (e.g. Stable Diffusion).

Furthermore, drawing from our past experiences, we are also well-versed in related concepts such as:

  • style transfer & style mixing,
  • prompt engineering,
  • transfer learning & refinement training,
  • utilising a text to image generator.

Our technological arsenal (programming languages, frameworks, databases, etc.) for AI Generative Modeling mainly comprises PyTorch and TensorFlow, where we have amassed considerable expertise.

Applications, Case Studies, Articles

To validate or review our previous works in this field, feel free to read a detailed article written by one of our engineers for, as well as one of our most recent projects where we built an AI-based medical imagery software from the links below:

Read more about exploring diffusion networks.

Read more about AI-generated dental stimulation.

Our Founder's Passion



Our founder, Balázs Keszthelyi, has always been interested in approximate solutions and finds deep learning a wonderful tool for deriving them. During his tenure at V-Nova as Head of Advanced R&D, other than co-inventing more than ten patents, he led his team to deliver the first GPU-compute friendly video codec, now known as the SMPTE ST 2117-1 VC-6 standard. This codec is also known to be the first to have a neural network-based super-engine resolution as part of its core transform, not as mere pre- or post-processing trickery.


Our hard work has been reflected in the excellent reviews we have received from our clients on multiple platforms, as well as in being chosen the “Software Consultancy of the Year” by the Corporate Live Wire Awards/Magazine.

“They’re extremely skilled and knowledgeable in their fields, so their technical abilities enable them to solve any situation. We’ve been able to coauthor two patents thanks to their work.” Gil Hagi - Founder and CEO @ Tasty Tech

Read our Clutch reviews here!

At our company, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service while delivering high-quality output. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to our clients and develop solutions that meet their individual needs. We aim to help our clients achieve their business objectives and exceed their expectations.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you harness the power of AI Generative Modeling, look no further than our team. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transform your business!

Industries & Applications


Developing generative models to visualise possible treatment outcomes and optimise existing processes using AI, creating high quality images. Refer to our Dentrino Project and optimise their existing processes using AI.


Creating immersive gaming experiences, generating new game levels, and designing game characters, even for social media posts.


Generating optimised vehicle designs and improving manufacturing processes, utilising AI technology.

Real Estate

Creating virtual home staging and interior design concepts, optimising property designs, and improving construction processes, including creating high quality images.

Advertising and Marketing

Crafting personalised marketing campaigns and generating creative content, such as utilising text prompts.


Developing new teaching materials, optimising curriculum design, and creating personalised learning paths for students, including generating text to image.


Creating new music, sound designs, scripts, storylines, and visual effects with AI-based modelling tools, such as a text-to-image generator, to create an image based on your prompts.

Irrespective of the industry or application, our team is committed to delivering customised AI Generative Modeling solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals!

Technical Excellence

Founded in 2019 by Balázs Keszthelyi, co-inventor of more than a dozen patents and contributor to two international standards, we know how to beat the state-of-the-art.

Balázs’ passion for high quality and superior performance sets a high bar, generating value for our clients and growth for our employees.

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