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TechnoLynx is a Software Research and Development Consulting Firm, focusing on algorithmic challenges, including but not limited to machine learning, compression, massive parallelism and GPU programming. We deliver high quality work for high quality customers. Contact us to learn more.


TechnoLynx offers a range of services from time and material style R&D contracts to explore ideas of our customers to higher level technical management consulting bringing our experience on board to improve outcomes of our customer's internal R&D projects.

Droid Commander
Image by Artiom Vallat
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We offer our hands on expertise not just with prototyping with the most popular machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch, but also the ability to optimize and deliver the resulting models even to mobile devices or anywhere else into production. We are particularly experienced with computer vision e.g. object recognition and image synthesis with GANs.


Our experts have a track record of successfully achieving speedups of several times, sometimes even orders of magnitude compared to our customer's baseline. Whether it be the derivation of new, more efficient algorithms, or the application of more efficient HW like GPUs, from C++ to CUDA and OpenCL, you can count on TechnoLynx!


We rather enjoy good conversations about innovative, new ideas with intelligent, creative people. Perhaps the only thing we enjoy more, is actually helping said people turning their brilliant ideas into reality, witnessing the transformative powers of their many talents. Everything you dream about is possible ... just maybe in a different way!


„They showed enormous skill and vast domain knowledge. We would recommend TechnoLynx to anyone looking for promptness, quality work and IT expertise.“

Markus Kopf - CTO, Co-Founder @ Teraki



We identify with the lynx, because despite its relatively smaller size compared to big cats it still used to be an apex predator on its own right. Its main strength is its focus and its efficiency, something that we thrive to model our operations after during our own hunt for optimum.

Exactly because of their effectiveness and the competition they meant for human hunters, in many regions of Europe, including Hungary, humans eradicated or drove away the Carpathian Lynxes from its natural habitat. This is the picture of two lynxes of the Miskolc Zoo, whom our company adopted in 2021. This is but a baby step towards helping the preservation and restoration of our natural values, but we hope we can eventually do more.


1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 115.

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