“We learn and grow, and we help others to learn and grow.”

Children playing chess

A Gondolkodás Öröme Alapítvány ("Joy of Thinking" Foundation)

As much as we value constant learning and growth, we are also attempting to support education beyond our company. In this mission, we are supporting A Gondolkodás Öröme Alapítvány ("Joy of Thinking" Foundation") which aims to popularize math and sciences among young high schoolers and the freshest minds.
The Foundation was established in 2014 with the goal of looking for mathematically talented students both within and beyond the Hungarian borders. These students participate in various workshops, individual and small-group sessions, competitions, and camps organized by the foundation. The aim in each case is to develop the students' abilities.
The foundation focuses on the discovery learning method of mathematics education. The goal of this method is to teach children how to think, in opposition to traditional school math classes where students practice and memorize typical tasks. They pay special attention to schools in disadvantaged regions, striving to provide the opportunity for as many students as possible to participate in their programs, even with financial assistanceç if needed.
Recently, our founder and CEO, Balázs Keszthelyi visited the foundation to show our support and to seed inspiration to those children for science and technology.

Group of young people outside

A Matematika Összeköt Egyesület

The foundation focuses on the education of young children (and adults) by organizing math competitions and math camps that aim to develop analytical and cooperative thinking capabilities at young ages. They already announced their events calendar for the upcoming year full of competitions in different regions of Hungary and enabled the application through their website. To support their cause and help them achieve their objectives, volunteers are also welcomed to join the team and assist in the events and cities of their choice. We wish the best of luck to all organizers and participants!
Since helping others grow is one of our values that we hold dear, we would like to invite everyone to check out Medve Matek and their wonderful journey!

The logo of Mohamano Organization

Mohamanó ÉlményMűhely Alapítvány (Mohamanó Experience Workshop Foundation)

Preventing unfavorable situations in the lives of children and families, helping them in possible crisis situations, and promoting their physical, mental, and spiritual development are the main missions that the Mohamó Experience Workshop Foundation undertakes. In addition, they pay particular attention to the support and embrace the disadvantaged and cumulatively disadvantaged children and people with disabilities, their catch-up occupations, education, training, and integration into society. They also aim to increase the social status and acceptance of people with disabilities, support them, and facilitate their social integration.

The logo of Kompania Foundation

Kompánia Foundation (Kompánia Alapítvány)

It is our utmost pleasure to announce that we have started a partnership with Kompánia Alapítvány (Kompánia Foundation) within our organizational values towards education.
Established in 1997, the foundation overtakes a very noble mission of ensuring a quality lifestyle for young people (aged 10-24) and preventing them from falling away. Kompánia uses the help of experts in providing continuous support and personal development paths for each child under their care.

TechnoLynx Manifesto

TechnoLynx is a technology-led software R&D consultancy, founded by a software engineer. - We work with our clients, not for them. Challenging their ideas and initial scopes is often in their best interest. If we were wrong, at least we understand the requirements better. But if we were right, that may lead to value add. Hence, we must try, always.
- We research and develop in an industry-agnostic way. Instead of serving a single industry, we are covering a broad range. Our clients already bring formidable knowledge about their business to the table, what we need to be able to do is transfer knowledge and fresh ideas from other domains they are not familiar with, yet. This also serves as our recipe for innovation.
- We value talent over experience. Plenty of skills can be developed given the right kind of stimuli, yet some are core cognitive skills that do not seem to be trainable. We hire our engineers based on sheer brainpower and culture fit, and we help them pick up everything else along the way.
- We focus on core algorithms and math instead of programming languages and frameworks. The latter are derivative products of the former, mastering the foundational enables mastery of the applied.
- We wear our mistakes proudly as they allow us to grow. Admitting your own mistakes fosters a culture of transparency around you, ultimately leading to a higher work ethic and levels of collaboration.
- We enjoy solving difficult problems, and we do not leave others alone with their difficult problems. Lifting the heaviest rock you were able to, is a most satisfying experience. Watching your friend getting crushed by one notch heavier rock, not so much.
- We learn and grow, and we help others to learn and grow. By picking the most difficult challenges, we prepare ourselves and expect the world to count on us to keep aiming higher. Should we succeed, it must always be at the back of our minds to give back and help others lift themselves the way we lifted ourselves.

Two Lynxes

Why Lynx?

We identify with the lynx, because despite its relatively smaller size compared to big cats it still used to be an apex predator on its own right. Its main strength is its focus and its efficiency, something that we thrive to model our operations after during our own hunt for optimum.
Exactly because of their effectiveness and the competition they meant for human hunters, in many regions of Europe, including Hungary, humans eradicated or drove away the Carpathian Lynxes from its natural habitat. This is the picture of two lynxes of the Miskolc Zoo, whom our company adopted in 2021. This is but a baby step towards helping the preservation and restoration of our natural values, but we hope we can eventually do more.

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