How we work

Let us walk you through our usual way of conducting business at TechnoLynx. Please note that the process may be slightly different and can be easily adjustable according to our clients’ specific needs and timelines.

On this page, you will find answers to many questions regarding the process, including but not limited to the following:

infographic of the processes listed

The process goes as follows:

- We start with an initial conversation with the client, understanding the broader scope and the general problems the client might face. Before this step, we are signing NDAs at request. In the case of startups, we try to offer ideas on how they could align our R&D work with their fundraising, and we’d try to help them gain as much from our research plans to strengthen their pitch as possible.
- An action group is then formed as a mixture of our R&D engineers with relevant experience and those who could contribute transferable knowledge.
- After the initial agreement is signed on a fixed effort and limited investigation, our action groups start updating themselves from the state-of-the-art as well as looking for transferable knowledge in seemingly unrelated fields, serving us as a dependable source of innovation. During the remit of the Research Planning phase, our action group is in constant communication with the client, testing the viability of ideas that could come up. The delivered Research Plan compares our proposed solution against alternatives, explains it in technical detail, and includes an estimate for the time and cost needed for its development of it.
- After releasing the Research Plan, we have an in-depth session with the client to build a mutual understanding of the risks and opportunities and forging an agreement about the next steps. If we succeed, we will proceed with a new agreement about developing the proposed solution.
- During the execution of this development plan, we maintain a single point of contact towards the client and present the results of the intermediate milestones until the completion of the project. After the completion, we usually offer availability for support requests arising from the handover on a time & material basis.
- We proactively notify our clients about any invention that might be of interest from an IP point of view. Depending on whether that should be treated as a trade secret or a patent, we can help them with additional documentation and meetings with patent attorneys.
- After the successful delivery, of course, we would very much appreciate our clients coming public about their experience with working with us. However, because of the IP and confidentiality-sensitive nature of R&D, we understand that some may need help too, or only with a delay.