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Build your own game!

Updated: Jun 13

Our R&D engineers developed a rudimentary chess engine as a part of an initiation ritual because every new hire contributes a bit to this code, and the idea is that we'd keep developing it in-between projects as a means to turn downtime into "learning & experimentation time" within the field of reinforcement learning.

As it turns out, downtime is not that common for us. Yet, we still managed to explore ways of packaging TensorFlow AI applications into client-side packages via this exercise. We are looking forward to continuing with the more relevant research side of things.

You can also find our blog post on how to Build Your Own Game written by one of our talented engineers, Hanadi Solieman. In this article, she explains a simple way to develop your own chess game from scratch in the light of our very own chess engine touching the most relevant historical perks such as the Mechanical Turk, the Turing test, the first computer chess program, and so forth.

GitHub link to the relevant sources: here.

build your own game


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