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Combating the Skills Shortage in AI era

Updated: Aug 28

As a software company, it is often challenging to find the right candidates to add to your engineering team with relevant skills and expertise, especially in the field of AI. It doesn’t come as a surprise that software companies tend to spend a 3- to 6-month period to source the best developers for the long term, given the scarcity of skills.

In case you wish to build a strong team, but you do not desire to wait too long to develop your projects at hand, TechnoLynx can help. The way TechnoLynx works enable companies with extensive data science, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GPU, or CUDA projects a great deal of engineering support for software companies. The wide range of services our engineers are able to provide in the field of software R&D is not only based on their immense skills and capabilities but also their transferable knowledge gained through the variety of complex projects they have completed in TechnoLynx.

There are platforms and directories to serve for the purpose of finding and outsourcing experienced engineers for team extensions, such as Upwork and Clutch – in which you can also find TechnoLynx and its positive reviews about the R&D projects we have successfully completed. However, for those services that are not provided by our consultancy, there is a full list of Google App Engine Development Companies to serve your needs.

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