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ChatGPT and Plagiarism

Updated: Jun 13

As ChatGPT becomes increasingly widespread, its implications for the educational sector are starting to show. Some students abuse the technology's capabilities by using it to generate completed essays and papers for submission. Universities are forced to react quickly. However, views are conflicting on the right course of action.

Although websites like Wikipedia have made universities rethink their policies about plagiarism in the past, ChatGPT is not only threatening these policies, but the very definition of plagiarism is also being questioned.

Currently, different universities have differing opinions on the matter. Some say generative models like ChatGPT should be completely banned from the academic field; others believe that it is a useful tool for conducting research. We are interested to see if a conclusive agreement can be reached.

An interesting reading source regarding ChatGPT and Plagiarism: ChatGPT Is Making Universities Rethink Plagiarism (Sofia Barnett, Jan 30, 2023, Wired).

Huge thanks to Ákos Rúzsa for his valuable insights!

ChatGPT and Plagiarism


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