What's the deal with Cyber Monday?

As it’s that time of the year already, besides checking the best deals and shopping for holidays, we wanted us all to remember how it started.

NBC News presents a captivating summary of the dynamic history of Cyber Monday, a digital shopping event that has transcended its initial role as Black Friday’s online counterpart. From its humble beginnings to becoming a pivotal event in the retail calendar, the article goes into detail about the intriguing evolution of Cyber Monday, showcasing how it has seamlessly integrated technology, transformed consumer habits, and boosted the way we approach post-Thanksgiving sales. Check out this informative article that takes the rise of Cyber Monday into the center of attention, offering a compelling glimpse into the past, present, and exciting future of this digital shopping phenomenon.

Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is happening on the 27th of November this year!

Cyber Monday Illustration | Credits: NBC News
Cyber Monday Illustration | Credits: NBC News

Credits: NBC News