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Our Work

our work

Fraud Detector Audit

We pivoted from an initially failing research scope to deliver dramatic accuracy improvement for our client's fraud detector AI system.

Girl Using Laptop

Embedded Video Coding on GPU

We assisted our client with the development of a standards based video encoder with custom features running on an embedded GPU from the grounds up.

Video Game

Accelerating Crypto-Currency Mining

We analysed the performance of crypto-currency mining solutions and provided advise on avenues of potential improvements both using exact and heuristic approaches.

Statue with Bitcoin Glasses

AI-Generated Dental Simulation

We researched and developed an end-to-end image processing pipeline including photo-realistic image synthesis for our client operating in the medical imaging space.


Accelerating Physics-Simulation Using GPUs

We designed much faster approximate algorithms for our client's simulation problem, and implemented them on GPUs too, delivering massive speed-up.

Engineer Working on Machinery

Explainable Object Recognition

As a software R&D consultancy, we designed and developed a technology for our client that not only achieved a high level of accuracy on the target dataset for recognizing objects but also demonstrated an interpretable "thought process".

Human-Robot Friendship
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