AI Art - created by generative models

AI-generated content is showing up in various places lately. From magazine covers to music videos, ‘AI art’ can be found in many forms, showing pretty impressive results.

VisitDenmark, Denmark’s official tourist organization has recently decided to jump on the craze and make adverts that are almost entirely created by generative models. They used a language model to create the script for the ad by feeding in a vague description of the core idea, which subsequently was brought to life by a model similar to deep fake. The results, which can be seen in the article, are interesting and fun. Although it seems that their technology still has some limitations, and you can see that something is wrong by the way the pictures move, the script has some tiring puns, which may just be what you need in an ad like this.

How do you like the progress made by AI in the world of art so far?

AI Art
AI Art

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